Monthly Archive: March 2006


Move Day

The movers arrived at our old house at 6:50AM on Saturday.  It took them almost 2 1/2 hours to empty the house and get everything packed into their truck. We had spent the previous week packing everything into boxes and moving some fragile things to the new house on our own. The movers had unloaded and left the new house by noon.  By the end of the day, the entertainment center was all wired, the kitchen was partially unpacked and we were exhausted!


The new website

After quite a bit of work getting the new website together, I think it’s ready to go! For those of you used to the old photo website, all the pictures on the previous site can still be found by clicking on the photo tab at the top of the page. Some of the older pictures may not be sized correctly to fit in the frame of the new website, but otherwise the same old interface is still available. Dave


Selling the Sunnyvale House

After Heather and I moved our collective stuff into my house in Sunnyvale we quickly realized the house was a bit small. We put the house on the market last week after I had lived there for the past 2 years. The turnout at the open house on Sat/Sun was phenomenal. Here are some pictures of what the house looked like during the week it was on the market. It was very hard keeping the place looking that neat EVERY day before leaving for work.