Monthly Archive: April 2006


Our friend Susie in the news

Susie Ferry is a dear friend of ours. She is an amazing woman – a breast cancer survivor, a fantastic artist and a dedicated athlete. This article was published in Carlsbad’s paper.


Pre season, post rain party

On Saturday night we held our first party at the new house. We wanted to celebrate the end of six weeks of rain and the beginning of a new triathlon season. With that theme in mind we invited many triathlon friends over to see the new house. We have to say a special thank you to Conrad who helped tremendously all weekend; from helping pick up food and drinks at the store, helping Heather move furniture around and even staying afterwards to help do dishes and cleanup. Thank you Conrad!! The party was a big success as can be seen...


Super Keish

Congratulations to Keish who had a breakthrough race at Ironman Arizona this past weekend! The Arizona Central newspaper even recognized his efforts in this article. Keish’s splits: Swim: 1:08:02 Bike: 5:03:54 Run: 3:16:17 Total: 9:35:30 !!! Here is a link to the complete results. Congrats again on an awesome performance!