Monthly Archive: May 2006


Happy Birthday Freather

Last night Conrad and Kyle hosted a party to celebrate Fred and Heather’s (Freather) birthdays. As always, Conrad outdid himself with vast amounts of MEAT and wonderful veges on the grill. 21 people crowded around to watch Conrad fly around the kitchen. There was plenty of triathlon talk! Keish presented Heather and Fred with birthday gifts – a bottle of CLA! Carol and Chris gave Heather a beautiful Orchid and gave Fred a pair of Ironman socks! A very fun evening enjoyed by all!


UVAS Triathlon

Two weekends in a row, I’m racing!?  This is not normal!  Dave was the official photographer again for the 14th Annual UVAS Triathlon.  Out in the middle of nowhere in south San Jose, this short tri has been a favorite of many. We got up at 5am to leave the house, and the wind was howling and it was raining off and on.  I’m not a huge fan of riding in the rain (not only because it is dangerous, but because I have to clean my bike after!!), so I was not excited about this.  We decided to go anyway,...


Angels Camp Triathlon

First triathlon of the season: Angels Camp on Saturday, May 13th.  Dave’s back is still bugging him, so he was the official photographer (see below for links to all the pics), but our friend Conrad, my brother Kim, and I all participated.  Angels Camp is a very low key race located about an hour from Sonora.  Just under 150 people raced. Kim and I decided the water wasn’t really that cold (probably mid-50s), so we bailed on the wetsuits.  The swim was only 1000m, so it took me just under 15 minutes.  That worked out fine for me, as I *hate* the...