Angels Camp Triathlon

First triathlon of the season: Angels Camp on Saturday, May 13th.  Dave’s back is still bugging him, so he was the official photographer (see below for links to all the pics), but our friend Conrad, my brother Kim, and I all participated.  Angels Camp is a very low key race located about an hour from Sonora.  Just under 150 people raced.

Kim and I decided the water wasn’t really that cold (probably mid-50s), so we bailed on the wetsuits.  The swim was only 1000m, so it took me just under 15 minutes.  That worked out fine for me, as I *hate* the wetsuit.  I expend more energy getting my wetsuit off and on than I do biking 16 miles!  It was a mass start, and I tried to hang with Troy Soares (the many-year winner of the race), but couldn’t last long.  My swim went well, I was ~10th overall and 4th woman out of the water.

The bike was a 16 mile hilly course.  Dave talked me into a “no socks” race.  I ALWAYS wear socks with shoes (a lesson from the womb, I think), so this was a little frightening.  The bike felt okay though, and I didn’t notice.  After a short, relatively flat warm up, things got steep, and steeper.  It was a tough 16 miles, but nice scenery and few cars.  The second half seemed to be all downhill.  My bike took 42 minutes or so.  I had no expectations, other than hoping to finish in under an hour.

Then, off for the run.  (Remember, no socks!)  I spent a good 30 seconds tying my shoes.  Dave swears by fast transitions.  “Heather,” he says, “people can lose a race, but win it with fast transitions.”  Ya, whatever.  Note to self:  get shoelace thingies to cut 20 seconds off my transition time.  Right out of the transition, we had to “run” up a steep 1/4 mile hill.  It sucked.  The sun was shining, it was getting warm, and right off the bike, my legs felt like jello.  I didn’t walk, for fear of psychologically messing with my head.  After that first steep hill, it was a narrow, overgrown, dirt single track with lots of thorny weeds and grasses.  It was a bit like an adventure race!  Admittedly, I have been spending too much time at work and less time out running, so the 4 mile run was very tough for me.  I walked a few short bursts, and would run again.  We got to fly down the steep 1/4 mile hill toward the end of the race.  That felt good.  The blisters all over my feet did not feel good.  The orange slices at the finish line were the best.

Overall, I raced a 1:42.  The winning time was 1:23.  My brother and Conrad were not too far behind me.  Somehow, even though I walked, I ended up taking 1st in my age group (30-39) and 3rd woman overall.  Go figure!

It was a fun little race.  The race hosts make a home-made BBQ lunch for all the athletes and spectators, held in a nice park in downtown Angel’s Camp.  Conrad forced us to stop at Blondie’s Frosty for milkshakes.  Yum.  That made it all worth while.

Kim returning on the bike

Here is a video clip of me on the run [etv]

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  1. tasterspoon says:

    Hey! Are you going this year or is it embarrassingly short for you now? I think I’m going to cheer.

  2. Dave says:

    We aren’t going to make it this year. Are you cheering for Rad, for Ace or both of them?