Honu Half Ironman

Keish on the Queen K

A few of us from Silicon Valley came to Kona for a Half Ironman Triathlon. The race was Saturday, June 3rd starting at 7am. A half ironman consists of a 1.2 mile swim, a 56 mile bike, and a 13.1 mile run.

To be honest, I wasn’t really prepared for this race like I should have been. I’ve spent too much time working and not enough time working out. My longest ride for the year was a 2 hour compu-trainer ride indoors and my longest run was about 7 miles. In fact, I haven’t ridden 56 miles or run 13 miles since I completed the Florida Half Ironman a year ago! Anyway, I didn’t have high expectations, other than just hoping that I could finish. But I didn’t.

The weather was somewhat cool that morning, with a heavy wind. Dave wasn’t competing in the race, due to back issues, but he decided to do the swim. We all started at 7am at the sounds of the cannon. I had horrible sight lines – I was all over the place! I swam at least an extra 3 minutes because I did a poor job of sighting. 800 people started in one mass wave, so there was a lot of churn, kicking, bodily contact, etc – not something I enjoyed. So, I kept swimming out to the edges to avoid the crowds, which probably helped me swim so much extra. I finished the swim in just over 33 minutes (about 3 minutes slower than what I expected) but I wasn’t tired at all, so that was good for the bike.

I was nervous about the bike. Because I hadn’t been biking, I really didn’t know how I was going to feel. The wind was another factor. Wind gusts are known to get ugly on the “Queen-K” highway. There was a pretty significant headwind for the first half, which made the second half more fun! And there were some rain showers at ~mile 28 which cooled things off. All in all, I never felt a lot of discomfort due to heat. About 2 hours into the bike, the outside edge of my right foot really started to hurt. It got worse through the rest of the bike, to point where I was trying to pedal with just my left leg. I finished the bike in 3 hours and 16 minutes, better than I had expected. I didn’t feel exhausted either, which was nice.

In the transition, I put on my running shoes and tried to start running, but there was no way. The outside of my foot was just too painful. I actually couldn’t even walk! So, I hobbled around, and watched the race finish. I was disappointed I didn’t finish, especially because I didn’t expect to have foot problems like this. Two days later, I’m still icing my foot and limping around. I need to look into new shoes or something!

Kyle Welch, a friend of ours in Sunnyvale, finished first of our group. He qualified for the Hawaii Ironman and finished 16th overall. Keish, Fred, and Conrad came in and all had great races. Fred had the 7th fastest run time of the day.

Now we’re relaxing in a condo with Kyle, Conrad, and Fred right on the beach. The vacation has really started now!

Here is a link to all the Honu race results

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