Trip to Pennsylvania

We took a trip home to central Pennsylvania to see family and attend Dave’s 25th high school reunion. 25th!?!? Dave was between jobs, so he spent a week home with his family. Heather flew in on the red eye on Saturday morning. We went for a jog at the nearby school (trying to keep Heather awake). Gordy, one of Dave’s high school classmates, had a pool party with a few families. Gordy’s wife, Sherry had prepared a nice BBQ and all the kids (big and small) enjoyed the pool. Heather got to take a nap after the pool party and then we headed to the high school reunion.

Many of Dave’s troublemaker buddies were there: Andy, Eric, Tony, and Gordy. They were trouble in high school, but they’ve all grown up (to some extent) and are doing well. Some people didn’t change much at all, and some look much better than in high school. Even Dave’s high school biology teacher, Mr. Swingholm, made an appearance. Dave remembers him being about 80 years old as his instructor – he didn’t look any younger! The DJ played the best of the 80’s and we enjoyed talking to everyone. Dave’s co-captain of the cross country team was there – they hadn’t seen each other in 25 years. He joined the navy Air Force and is now a physical therapist…and is still running! Most of the graduates had children; and we got a lot of “when will you two have children?” looks.


We spent Sunday afternoon at the Lebanon Country Club. Maddie, Judy, Dave, and Heather all played 9 holes of golf. Maddie and Judy play quite regularly, and it showed. Dave and Heather hadn’t played in years (and that showed too!). Maddie got to drive the golf cart (though she wasn’t old enough) and she was very helpful in telling Heather what club to hit on each turn. (Heather needed all the help she could get.) It was a fun afternoon – very entertaining for us and for those watching. Uncle Jim and Aunt Elma Jean parked on the nearby road to watch us all flounder at the 6th hole. That night, Margot had the whole family over for dinner at their house. Dave and Clint played a few close rounds of pool in Margot’s newly refinished basement. Heather and Roxy’s pool game lasted forever (since we were both so bad!). Even Bill made his way down the stairs to watch the action.

June 22 2006 007.jpg_DSC0025.jpg

Before Heather had arrived, Dave set out to clean up the room neighboring the garage. (Be sure to check out the Before and After pictures.) Over the years, it had accumulated with stuff, or shall we say “junk,” to the point where you could not walk in the room. There were no lights, no shelves, and no organization. Dave and his Mom spent a half a day sorting through the stuff, deciding what to keep and what to donate to the dump. He hung up two florescent lights and installed a new light switch and a few power outlets. The next day, Dave and his niece Maddie, put together four sets of shelves. Then Heather got to join the project at the fun part – organizing all the stuff! Finding a place for everything is her specialty. Now the room has a workbench, hanging tools, a gardening section, a horse-care section, and plenty of room to walk around.

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