Improvement Projects around the house

Heather organizing

When we moved into this house, we said, “Ahhh, everything is all perfect. We don’t need to do a thing!” That was all true, but somehow, we’ve managed to keep very busy with lots of projects.

The first thing we realized is, the roof has no overhang anywhere on the perimeter of the house! Therefore, storage is a problem. We have a two-car garage, butDSC_0007_001.jpg not a lot of extra room. So, Heather enlisted her Dad for some help to build a 5’x11′ shed on the side of the house. We built a foundation, set on bricks in cement. We used the side of the house as one wall. And fabricated siding for the three sides. The roof has tar paper and shingles and it seems to be water proof! The easily houses the lawn mower, garden tools, and a bunch of other stuff.

The house was built approx 8 years ago. The eves are a dark stained wood, but had faded considerably over the years and were starting to crack and rot. WeDave painting borrowed a 32′ extension ladder and Dave painted all the eves over the course of two weekends. He also painted the strip above the garage door (see pic). He also painted the little brown wooden fence in front of the house. The wood is rotting, but at least it looks freshly painted!

Finally people can find our house!For the longest time, we had no house numbers! We told everyone, “We’re the fourth house on the right hand side.” We ordered some funky house numbers and Heather stenciled a template and hung them up.

Dave, in his true engineering fashion, ventured on a project to install a structured wiring box. All the tv, telephone, and ethernet cables are organizedDSC_0002_001.jpg in this box and routed throughout the house. Dave was like a kid in a candy store planning this one. You’d never know the mess of wired behind that nice pretty door!

The dining room is getting a serious makeoverThe biggest projects have been going on inside. We had the dining room and entry painted by a *real artist* – Jim Quinlin. He painted the dining room a rust-colored orange and the entry way a bisque color. The paint was called “Lusterstone” – a cement-like textured paint that you put on by hand with a trowel.

The rest of the house was painted a variety of muted earthtone colors. We are very, very happy with the results. Susan Powell, (Paisley Designs) has been helping us every step of the way. We are very happy with her suggestions and choices. We got a new bed frame, nighstands, and dresser for the master. The dining room set is coming, but not until November! We can hardly wait!

Heather has decided to paint the office bookcase herself. It is quite a job to paint with oil-base, but we have high hopes that it’ll look good.

Many more projects to come, but that’s all for now!

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