Take a Hike

The hiking group

For the second year in a row, we hosted the Almaden Hills UMC auction hike and lunch. Last year, we hiked the Wildcat Loop at Rancho San Antonio. Since we moved to Saratoga, the Open Space Preserve of Fremont Older is right in our backyard. So, we introduced everyone to a new set of trails.

We had 14 hikers, and 16 for lunch. We walked a 4-point-something mile loop, with some steep ups and downs. The group pretty quickly split in two – the power walkers (the likes of John Baird, Jim and Sue Hughes, and Rosemary Steenhausen) setting a fast pace up front. And the chatty walkers – the rest of the group – bringing up the rear. Dave was the photographer, and Heather ran back and forth making sure everyone turned the right way.

The weather was cool, perfect for a hike. The dirt was bone dry, and rather dusty. But the views of the bay area were beautiful, and people enjoyed the rest stops.

After returning home, Heather made everyone shake the dust of their pants and get into a pair of slippers. (Our carpet is only 6 days old! It can’t get dirty yet!) Suzanne and Glenda were the only clean ones, wise enough to skip the hike and join us for lunch. We had French Market soup, salad, bread, and lemonade. Chocolate cake and cookies for dessert.

After lunch, we had everyone vote on their favorite fabric samples for the dining room draperies. Everyone had a different opinion!

It was a fun day, spent with great people. We are looking forward to hosting again next year!

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