Leonard and Trilbe’s 50th Wedding Anniversary Party

On November 22, 2006, my parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. 50 years!?! My brothers, their wives, and I threw a 50th anniversary party for them at our house. We had 66 people over the course of 4 hours on Sunday, 11/19 for quite a party! Thankfully, the weather held out, and it was sunny and nearly warm outside. So, people wandered between the kitchen, family room, living room, and backyard.

All Seasons Cafe and Catering brought a beautiful spread of heavy appetizers, sandwiches, cheeses, dried fruit, stuffed mushrooms, and these littel amazing devils of almond-stuffed-figs-wrapped-with-bacon. Yum! We had two kinds of punch (some more alcoholic than the other) and….drum roll please….a chocolate fountain!


I asked my ever-too-kind friends Conrad and Julie to help me out. They were my saviors – washing dishes, keeping the mushrooms hot, refilling the punchbowl, and cutting lots of cake.

Dave put together a slide show, covering the last 70 years. If you know my parents, you might enjoy seeing some of these old photos.

Untitled-10.jpg Untitled-27.jpg


Taryn, my niece who’s not even a teenager yet, donned on my mother’s wedding dress. It was even tight around Taryn’s waist!

With our busy schedules, it was wonderful to have the whole family together.

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