Monthly Archive: March 2007


Evening with Floyd Landis

Last night, Heather and I were invited to the grand opening of my triathlon coach’s new cycling facility in San Francisco. We took the opportunity to eat a nice dinner in the city at Betelnut and then went to the new indoor cycling facility. The big draw of the evening was last year’s Tour de France winner, Floyd Landis. Floyd joined a group in a spin class and then sat down for a Q&A with my triathlon coach, Michael McCormack. They talked a lot about last years tour and how the press said he didn’t have “panache”. He said he...


March Madness

Last weekend the NCAA “sweet 16” basketball round came to San Jose. Heather and I bought tickets for the Saturday game not knowing who would be playing. It ended up being Kansas vs. UCLA and UCLA definitely had the home field advantage. There were tons of UCLA fans. We both know the UCLA cheer by heart. It seems they only have one: UUUUUUU, CCCCCC, LLLLLLLLLLL, AAA ……. U C L A fight, fight, fight. Heather converted to a UCLA fan by the end of the game just because she liked the cheer so much! I kind of wish I had...


The LeRoy’s are Expecting!

Yes, it is true! It took us 13 years to get married, but only 2 to have a baby! We are expecting a baby on September 1, 2007. We are SO excited. We do not plan to find out the sex of the baby ahead of time, but plan on being surprised at the hospital. As expected, Heather is reading any and all material she can find. Some of it is a little daunting! Dave had to vacate his exercise/bike room and move to the basement. So, we’ve been spending some time fixing it up (see basement story). I am...