Annual Family trip to the snow cabin

In February, we took the annual trip to my sister-in-law’s cabin up in the Sierra Mountains. Like every year, we had a blast. But this year, we had a houseful! My oldest brother, Dean came with his wife Christina and their girls Katie and Jojo. Kim and his wife Lisa, along with ALL their kids – Taryn, Sarah, Paige, and Alec were there. My parents, and Dave and I. That made for 14 people!! Taryn, Dave and I slept in “Siberia” – the room off the garage which is located below the main level, so it was freezing cold. Everyone else slept in three rooms upstairs.

The stairs are always a hit with the kids – they hang off the banister like monkeys. We got this great picture of the whole gang. Like the Brady Bunch, they tell me? I don’t know. I’m too young to have watched that show. 🙂


Amidst all the excitement, we also celebrated Jojo’s 5th birthday. We had a pinata in the garage, presents, and one of Christina’s famous cakes. All presents were some shade of pink or purple, and there was a lot of Barbie stuff! All the adults ate dinner before the kids and when we all raised our glasses of wine for a toast, I announced that Dave and I were going to have a baby! It was a surprise for some and we all got a laugh at me holding a BIG glass of wine as a newly pregnant woman.


When we arrived at the cabin on Saturday, it was as warm, dry and bare as the desert. On Sunday morning, we awoke to


several inches of freshly fallen snow, and it was still coming down. Nearby the cabin is a sledding hill. We made a thousand trips up and down the hill, on sleds, inntertubes, and tobogans. It was great fun. Even Alec took a few runs down the hill right in his snow suit (pictured right).

We look forward to next year!

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