Dave’s Bike Room; i.e., The Basement


Now that we are expecting Baby LeRoy in September, Dave has been kicked out of the upstairs bike room and has been relegated to the basement. That may sound harsh, but we’ve fixed up the basement to be quite the hip place! Dave painted the basement room walls a warm brown color.

We bought a small blue love seat and a flat-panel LCD television.


At some point in the future, we’ll build a wine rack and some shelves for the stereo components. The rug Dave bought in Morocco many years ago fits right in, and the computrainer is hooked up and ready to use.


In order to get cable television into the basement, Dave undertook a hideous job of running coax cable from the attic above the garage to underneath the house. We spent about 15 total hours getting this cable routed to the right place. Dave was under the house and in the attic every day for about a week. We ran into all sorts of problems. With such tall ceilings, there isn’t much room in the attic. And the house has big cement barracades underneath, which make it challenging too. We now have the coax cable prepared and sitting behind the basement wall, ready to plug into the television. BUT, we have to drill a hole through the 9″ thick cement wall to get the cable through. Between Dave and my Dad, they have spent at least two hours solid of drilling with an electric drill, slowly chipping away. Every once in a while, they’d hit a rock in the cement, and


all progress would stop. As of tonight, they have drilled 5″ into the 9″ wall. Ugh – a long way to go. Is this what it’s like to try and chip your way out of prison with a hammer and a chisel? The stairs leading down into the basement have a skylight, which is 20 feet up from the stairs. We decided not to risk it, and hired someone to paint that part. We plan to line the walls of the stairway with triathlon race photos and medals (mostly Dave’s, but I have a few too!).

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  1. Fred says:

    What we will do today to get access to our beloved television … what would we do without it ??? Love the warm brown color … is that a burnt auburn or more of a taupe khaki?