The LeRoy’s are Expecting!

baby-5.jpgYes, it is true! It took us 13 years to get married, but only 2 to have a baby! We are expecting a baby on September 1, 2007. We are SO excited. We do not plan to find out the sex of the baby ahead of time, but plan on being surprised at the hospital. As expected, Heather is reading any and all material she can find. Some of it is a little daunting! Dave had to vacate his exercise/bike room and move to the basement. So, we’ve been spending some time fixing it up (see basement story). I am in charge of fixing up the baby room, naturally. We had the baby room painted a pale lime green and we sold off an entertainment center and a few other items.


Mom and I made a lambrican and curtains, with Dad’s help of course from the shop. (Those electric staple guns work wonders, but are a little scary!)

All is going well with the pregnancy. I reach 17 weeks this week and have had several ultrasounds. We even got videotape of one, but too bad we don’t own a VCR player anymore. The picture to the left is an ultrasound from baby-5.jpg12 weeks. Baby LeRoy is the size of a strawberry at that point. Now, Baby LeRoy is the size of a large grapefruit, but hopefully not that shape. (Why do doctors always compare my baby to a piece of fruit?) We’ll keep updating our website with new ultrasounds and pictures from the baby’s room.

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