Leo’s farewell party


Midlife crisis?? Maybe, but we are all a little jealous. Our friend Leo has quit his job, sold all his belongings and is heading off on a 1 year trip around the world! We all got together this past weekend and surprised him with a going away party.leo_party-32.jpg

What better way to do that, than cook an entire cow on the grill!!

leo_party-32.jpgLeo brought his appetite, he had just gotten finished running 32 miles. He sold his car earlier in the week, so he’s been running everywhere. That’s one way to stay in shape!!

We are definitely going to miss him over the next year. We are also anxious to see what a 1 year “break” from training does for his marathon performance. Last time he took a month long break he came back and ran a marathon PR when he was “out of shape”

Have fun Leo, we’ll see you when you get back!

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