Monthly Archive: July 2007


Baby LeRoy Update

We haven’t written in a while about Baby LeRoy. He (or is it a she?) is almost 35 weeks and mom is counting down. 5 weeks to go! I feel him move regularly – anything from turning over, kicking, or baby experiencing the hiccups. For the most part, I continue to feel good. Perhaps a little more tired, but I’m still managing to swim a couple times and week and make it to the gym a couple times a week. Dave and I are getting the house prepared for Baby LeRoy too. Most of our bedroom furniture arrived and we...



Dave and I love to travel, so we thought we’d take one final trip before our first baby arrives (due Sept 1st) – hence the term “Babymoon.” We started in Portland, Oregon for the USA Triathlon National Championship race (Dave qualified in 2006 for this race) and then spent the following week driving down the Oregon and California coast. My parents joined us for the adventure, and were kind enough to drive my Subaru all the way up to Oregon while we took a quick Southwest airplane flight. Day 1: Friday, June 29 Because my parents drove up to Oregon,...