Baby LeRoy Update

We haven’t written in a while about Baby LeRoy. He (or is it a she?) is almost 35 weeks and mom is counting down. 5 weeks to go! I feel him move regularly – anything from turning over, kicking, or baby experiencing the hiccups. For the most part, I continue to feel good. Perhaps a little more tired, but I’m still managing to swim a couple times and week and make it to the gym a couple times a week.

Dave and I are getting the house prepared for Baby LeRoy too. Most of our bedroom furniture arrived and we put together the new crib in a snap. babyroom-3.jpg We researched car seats and strollers to death and zeroed in on the Chicco brand. I’ve been walking it around the house empty, just for practice.

The Clark’s – childhood neighbors – held a very nice baby shower for me this past weekend. I received all kinds of wonderfully, soft, furry, green and yellow gifts – books, stuffed animals, toys, onesies, blankets, hats, and lots of tiny little socks. My brother and his family gave us a lightweight travelbabyroom-3.jpg Jeep Wrangler umbrella stroller. I’m not smart enough to install the canopy yet, but the stroller is ready to go.babyroom.jpg My other brother and his family gave us a highchair. It is on really good rollers, so we can make our baby fly across the kitchen with just a nudge. (Don’t worry, he’ll be seat-belted in!)

heatherhands.jpgMy belly continues to grow, and much to my amazement, my skin continues to stretch. But as much fun as being pregnant is, I’ll be happy when I’m done. And Dave and I are really getting anxious to meet Baby LeRoy!

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