Monthly Archive: August 2007


Don’t Wake a Sleeping Baby, Or the Zoo Animals

We’ve been getting that advice a lot lately. There is nothing better (or cuter) than a sleeping baby. We will be finding out shortly. Apparently, that advice applies to the animals at the zoo, too. To avoid thinking about my impending c-section, I went to the San Francisco Zoo with my parents, three nieces, and nephew. It was pretty great! They had everything from lions and tigers and bears (on my!) to prairie dogs and grasshoppers and tarantulas. My only real complaint is that all the big, cool animals were asleep. So asleep, they looked dead. We had the usual...


“Win Me a Sand Sculpture!!”

Last weekend, Dave and I went to Seacliff Beach for the annual Sandman Triathlon. It is a pretty small scale event (less than 400 athletes), which is great for spectators and racers alike. This year, we had an extra treat to stay with Josh and Jen at their family’s beach house, which is located right at the top of hill above the starting line. Wow, was that convenient! Josh and Jen have a 5 month old, so Jen and I talked babies all weekend, and Josh and Dave talked triathlon. Josh and Dave drove the bike course, Jen and I...



This is an old video clip but I wanted to test out adding video to a post. I may be doing that a lot in the upcoming months with baby clips! So what is this clip all about? A few of our triathlon friends have an obsession with all things DOUGHNUT! So last time Heather and I were in Hawaii we visited the world famous “Tex Drive In” on the big island of Hawaii. They are famous for their malasadas a Portugese version of the doughnut. Watch Heather narrate our trip to the Tex Drive In.