Don’t Wake a Sleeping Baby, Or the Zoo Animals

We’ve been getting that advice a lot lately. There is nothing better (or cuter) than a sleeping baby. We will be finding out shortly. Apparently, that advice applies to the animals at the zoo, too. To avoid thinking about my impending c-section, I went to the San Francisco Zoo with my parents, three nieces, and nephew. It was pretty great! They had everything from lions and tigers and bears (on my!) to prairie dogs and grasshoppers and tarantulas. My only real complaint is that all the big, cool animals were asleep. So asleep, they looked dead.

sfzoo-5.jpg sfzoo-6.jpg sfzoo-7.jpg

We had the usual

San Francisco layer of fog and mist in the morning, but it warmed up to a comfortable temperature and the cloud cover stayed the whole day. One would think the animals would like that weather too. But, alas, they still slept.sfzoo-2.jpg

Right inside the front entrance was a cage with zebras and giraffes. Sarah’s favorite animal is the giraffe, and they were mighty impressive. I wonder if they have back problems like herniated disks and such?

The penguin pool was entertaining (they weren’t asleep!). Four new babies were just added to the tank and they swam and swam and swam. We saw a big, old, leathery rhino. Two grizzly bears which were captured in

Montana occupied the large “Grizzly Gulch” space. They sleptsfzoo-8.jpg most of the time we watched them too. sfzoo-9.jpgOne of the polar bears was pretty active.Now this guy, the Warthog, was one ugly duckling. To bend down far enough to eat, he had to rest his body on his front elbows.

The zoo has quite a collection of exotic birds and insects. The tarantulas and black widow spiders were particularly creepy. The Children’s Zoo was a huge hit. Those animals were awake!



The prairie dogs and the meerkats were the biggest hit. They were small, active little creatures that ran right up to the glass so all the kids could get a close look.

For just one quarter, you could get a handful of food out of a vending machine and have a goat or a pony nibble on your fingers. Brushes were provided if you wanted to groom the animals. The animals were pretty patient with all the kids.


All in all, it was a good day. We didn’t lose anybody, no one got hurt, and we all had smiles on our faces.



Next time, we might do some research on the feeding times or the best ‘awake times” of the animals. It would be much more fun to see a lion roar and a kangaroo jump (than sleep).

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