Monthly Archive: October 2007


You’ve Got a Friend in Pennsylvania

Kevin is one of the few lucky ones to have all four grandparents still kickin.’ This week, he got to spend time with his Pennsylvania grandparents, Nanny (Judy) and Papa (Bill). They flew here from Palmyra, PA (near Hershey) for several days to meet their favorite grandson. It was quite a special time! We all went to the Tech Museum in downtown San Jose the first day. They have an amazing body exhibit – real human bodies plasticized for your viewing pleasure. They have hundreds of bodies sliced, diced, and on display in many variations so that you can see...


Are Angels Really Blue?

Dave, Kevin, and I went to see the Blue Angels in San Francisco. As part of Fleet Week, the Blue Angels come every so often to wow the crowds with their acrobatics, dare-devil swoops near Golden Gate Bridge, and near-collisions that give everyone watching the chills. Did you know the Blue Angels were named as such because a lead lieutenant came across an advertisement for a popular New York City nightclub called “Blue Angel?” The Blue Angels were initially formed in 1946 and is the world’s first officially sanctioned military aerial demonstration team (thank you, Wikipedia). The pilots and jets...