You’ve Got a Friend in Pennsylvania

Kevin is one of the few lucky ones to have all four grandparents still kickin.’ This week, he got to spend time with his Pennsylvania grandparents, Nanny (Judy) and Papa (Bill). They flew here from Palmyra, PA (near Hershey) for several days to meet their favorite grandson. It was quite a special time!

We all went to the Tech Museum in downtown San Jose the first day. They have an amazing body exhibit – real human bodies plasticized for your viewing pleasure. They have hundreds of bodies sliced, diced, and on display in many variations so that you can see the muscles, organs, skin, fat, nerves, and everything else! It isn’t gruesome, albeit a little eerie. Now when all our athlete friends talk about their sore IT bands or their pinches sciatic nerve, I know exactly what and where they are talking about. We also went to the IMAX movie on the human body. It was quite timely for Dave and I – a lot about how the human body is formed in the womb and lots of good stuff about babies. Kevin slept through the whole thing, aside from one outcry. We were amazed, since those IMAX movies are loud enough to make your tummy rumble and your teeth chatter. We highly recommend a trip to the Tech Museum before this exhibit goes away in January 2008.

parentvisit-11.jpgMy parents had us all over for dinner that evening – all the grandparents together in one room fighting over who could hold little Kevin. parentvisit-5.jpg
kevinsmile-12.jpgKevin has started to smile somewhat regularly now, so within 5 minutes of arriving, we were all huddled around him lying on the family room carpet, making goofy faces to get him to smile. No pressure! But gosh, that smile sure is cute! It makes us completely forget the last 8 weeks of crying!

The next day we took a little road trip to the coast, taking many of our favorite cycling roads to get there and back – Skyline, 84, Highway 1, and others. It was a beautiful day – very little wind, warm, and sunny. We went to Duarte’s in Pescadero for artichoke soup (although, to be a real insider, you must order the “Half and Half;” which is half artichoke soup with Cream of Green Chili soup swirled in). We bought our share of Olallieberry Jam, something else Duarte’s is famous for. Kevin threw a mini-fit during lunch because he was hungry too. If Mommy eats, I get to eat too!


Other than a quick trip to the Golden Gate Bridge at the time of our wedding, Bill hasn’t seen the Pacific Ocean in 46 years. It was quite a treat for him to take a look-see on such a nice day.

Judy works for a major flower distributor in Pennsylvania, so she enjoyed seeing all the flower distributors near Pescadero.


We took the third day a little easier and spent some time around the house. Dave and his Mom planted a few flowers in the front yard and fertilized the existing plants. Apparently, when Dave was young, he was always climbing up _______ (fill in the blank – a tree, on the roof, on large rocks). So, while his mother was working like a slave in the yard, he was getting to know our live oak tree a little better.

I took apart and scrubbed our trash compactor (something I’ve been dying to do since we moved in a year and a half ago). Kevin got plenty of tummy time practice in – he’s holding his head up for minutes at a time now, gawking at everything in site.



Kevin even rolled over for the first time! I’ll admit, I gave his foot a tiny nudge to get him started, but he did most of it on his own. Shhhh, we won’t tell. Dave and Nanny gave him one of many baths and Papa spent some quality time getting to know his new grandson.

parentvisit-7.jpgWe took a short trip to the NASA Ames Research Center. Bill is intrigued by matters of space, so we wandered around an interesting museum, learning about the various Apollo missions and potential life on Mars.

We had a relaxing dinner together in our over-the-top dining room. And Kevin had a major breakthrough night – he went 8 hours between feedings for the second night in a row. That makes me, his food source, super duper happy because I only have to get up once in the middle of the night! Woo-hoo! We think it must be due to his Nanny and Papa being in town (either that, or we’ve been running him ragged with outings, so he’s completely exhausted!).

For all the pictures from Nanny and Papa’s visit, click here.

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