Babies, babies, everywhere!


Hey, hey! She’s kinda cute! And, she has a full head of hair!

Woo-hoo! I got a smile out of her. Wow, that’s a cute dimple she has. Must be my charm.

Oh no! I have spit-up on my shirt! Do you think she noticed? Is she laughing at me?

She likes me! I win the girl! Er, oh, I guess I just smacked her in the face with my victory salute. Oh boy.

babyclass_reunion-2.jpgI know, I know. All our posts seem to be about babies lately. That’s just tough. You’ll have to deal. We went to a reunion for our Childbirth Prep Class and all compared stories about what our babies do and don’t do, how they cry, how they sleep (or not), how they eat, etc. It was a cute group of babies.

Kevin continues to grow like a weed. He weighs nearly 13 pounds now, and my arms are getting stronger to show for it.kevinnov-5.jpg At his 2 month doctor visit, he measured in at 75th percentile in weight, 50th percentile in height, and 25th percentile in head circumference. My comment? “So, he’s a short, fat, bald, pinhead.” The doctor’s comment? “He’s going to get all the girls.” No, but really. We still think he’s the cutest baby there is. He is smiling regularly, especially when we rub that special diaper rash ointment on his behind.

Big breakthrough this week – he has started to play by himself, unaided by mom or dad. He lies on the floor on his back and whacks at toys and kicks his legs. Very cool! And he is still the best sleeper around. He sleeps from 7pm to 7am, with a 25 minute feeding interlude. Mom loves that!

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