The Mile Smackdown

We’ve been talking about it for almost a year at track practice. Finally this weekend we all gathered to run the mile at a track meet. It was a beautiful sunny day (almost too warm) and “the usuals” met at the Los Gatos high school track where an open track meet was being held. For some this was their first official track meet. Others ran track in high school (a few years ago).

I don’t think anyone was expecting the large number of people at the starting line. We had some troubles on the first lap getting out of the crowds. At one point Fred was running in lane 3…but that didn’t seem to slow him down!

Results are posted here.

Here is a short video of the mile. There is some fun commentary at the end of the video clip on what NOT to eat before running a mile.
{vidavee id=”5131″ w=”480″ }

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    The way the pages turn between scenes is very cool.