Monthly Archive: May 2008


“It’s just not a Caesar without croutons”

Dave and I eat spinach salads 2 nights out of every 3. Even though we make a different kind of spinach salad each time (pears and feta, tomatoes and cucumbers, mandarin oranges and cranberries), we are sick of spinach. When we go out to a restaurant to eat, we always order Caesar. So we decided to make a Caesar salad Saturday night. Romaine lettuce. Check. Parmesan cheese. Check. Caesar dressing. Check. Croutons. Oh oh. Dave whimpers, “It’s just not a Caesar without croutons.” So Dave, the Google whore that he is, instructs me on how to make croutons. Stale bread,...


Demon Be Gone!

This weekend was the 26th annual Wildflower Triathlon festival at Lake San Antonio, CA. Wildflower has three different events – a long course (Half Ironman distance), an Olympic distance, and a mountain bike Sprint race. I’ve done various events at Wildflower 6 different years. I attempted the long course distance in 2000, but failed to finish. I made it halfway through the run before falling apart from dehydration. Therefore, I had a pretty bad attitude about Wildflower. Dave (my coach) encouraged me to compete and get over my mental “demon.” It was also to be a confidence booster for my...


Kevin Earns His Wings

We took a trip to Pennsylvania this past weekend to see Dave’s family. We got up at 4am on Thursday morning to head to the San Jose airport. We had a two hour layover in Los Angeles, then a 5.5 hour flight to Philadelphia. Then we drove for nearly 2 hours to get to Lebanon, PA (which is near Hershey). It was a long, long day. I think we all earned our wings that day, but Kevin is the only one that got an actual United Airlines pin. Kevin did okay on the trip. He’s a big sleeper, and he...