Ish Dash Eeeeee (My July Update)

Mom and Dad both know how much I love electronic gadgets. What they don’t know is that I am currently using their laptop to write a blog entry about what I did this past month.

Probably the biggest news in the last month is that I’ve been practicing my walking.  It’s obvious when my parents are encouraging me to walk…so at those times I revert back to crawling just to annoy them.  My Dad did capture me once last week with the video camera doing some of my best walking. See the video clip below.

I’ve also been busy with lots of activities. I ran in my second race a few weeks ago. The Jungle Run 10K. Mom utilized her Ironman shape to push me in the baby jogger.   Dad was in front of us and even made the local Los Gatos newspaper (a picture about 1/2 way down the page). Below is a picture of us at the finish line.

 Mom, Dad and Kevin at finish line

Last week was a busy one. I had several play dates over at our house with some of my Mom’s friends.  I enjoyed showing them all my toys. It was also nice to have some new friends to play with. My Mom and Dad are great…but I see them A LOT!!

It was also my 11 month birthday last week, according to my parents. They made a big deal over it even though I have no idea what they are talking about. They dressed me up in a nice outfit and spent about 45 minutes in the front yard making me pose in all sorts of places. To the right is my favorite. What my parents won’t tell you is that I fell off that stool about 5 times into the dirt and they kept picking me up and brushing me off for another attempt.

This past weekend we took a trip to the beach in Santa Cruz. I had been to the beach back in April when my Mom was training for her Ironman, but to be honest I don’t remember much about that trip.  This time I really enjoyed the sand. My parents put me on a blanket when we got there but I thought that was boring and made a mad dash into the sand and dug my hands (and face) right into that stuff.

My Mom decided to work more hours at her job at Motorola. I can’t imagine why, but I guess she likes what she’s doing there. So, there’s this new woman that comes and plays with me two days a week. It’s awesome! She is really nice and gives me lots of attention (which is just what I need). I think Mom and Dad were very lucky to find her.

Other than that I’ve just been enjoying time with my parents around the house and learning new tricks. I’ve just started pointing in the past week, I’m not really sure what it’s supposed to mean…but I point at everything and make my parents tell me what it is I’m pointing at.  I’ve also learned to imitate answering the phone. I pick it up and put it to my ear..but I never seem to hear anyone.  I’ve also been enjoying our newly landscaped backyard. Dad and I race on our hands and knees across the grass. I usually let Dad win, I don’t want to make him feel too old…yet.






That’s it for now, I’m due for a diaper change and it’s nap time!!

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