I think I went a little bit crazy

I have a real problem with nurseries. I visit the store with the best of intentions, to buy one or two things for a particular purpose. But I just can’t help myself. I find all sorts of unique, beautiful, good-smelling plants that I just have to have. Once I get my car-load of plants home, I wonder what I was thinking. I don’t lack this self-control in other areas of my life. (Except for maybe ice cream.)

At the Campbell Farmer’s Market this morning, I bought a few herbs to plant in pots. It is annoying to buy a bunch of basil, rosemary, and parsley at the grocery store, only to use a couple tablespoons in a recipe. The rest of the bunch goes bad and ends up moldy in the fridge. So I decided to grow my own.

Dave promised to get a drip system to my new herb garden on the patio. While he played Mr. Landscaper, I headed to Summerwinds to buy planting mix and a rectangular pot. I came home looking like I’d robbed the rose parade.

I bought more herbs (the rectangular pot I chose was so big that I needed more to fill it out): rosemary, chives, oregano, basil, and parsley. Then I got sucked into row after row of beautiful annuals: Cosmos, Fuchsias, White and Blue Angelface, New Guinea Impatients, and Coleus. Dave was wide-eyed when I brought it all home, but not a bit surprised..

The herb planting process was interesting. I bought a “starter kit,” which included a rectangular box with an elevated platform above a water reservoir. It also included vegetable fertilizer (organic, of course) and a black plastic cover. I cut 11 holes in the black plastic cover and stuck my new plants through those. I filled up the water reservoir via the tall black tube. There is an overflow drain, so there is no chance of over-watering. Pretty tricky, I’d say.

Since I have done this many times before, I had plenty of pots collecting spiders and other gunk on the side of our house. A few hours later, all my new annuals found homes in a variety of pots. Dave set up a complicated network of drip lines with plenty of T-valves to a set of shelves on our patio. He was quite proud that everything worked the first time and you can barely spot the drip lines!

Now I’m off to look for recipes that use my new herbs!

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  1. tasterspoon says:

    As a pair, you guys are pretty funny. That drip line business is so Dave. And look at you, Holly Homemaker!

    The moldy herbs in the fridge are totally my main reason for gardening, too – but I think I’ve ended up spending way more on pots and soil and plants and water than I ever wasted buying herbs.

  2. Ace says:

    I’m sorry that I didn’t set up drip lines for you, and that your plants have so often gone forgotten…