Bubbles, Balls and Balance Beams

For the past few weeks, Kevin has been going to the Little Gym on Saturdays for a “workout.”  He’s in the “Little Birds” class for kids 10-18 months.  Each week they follow the same sort of routine – shaking bells, clapping, singing, sitting in a circle, walking in a circle, running in a circle….you get the idea.  Each week features one new skill, like perfecting a somersault or hanging from the bars like a monkey.

Kevin seems to like the “random exploration” sections of the class better than the “structured” parts.  Hmmm, I wonder if this is a preview of his rebellious behavior?  He particularly likes when the teacher unloads two garbage cans full of colored, different sized balls.  The kids go crazy!

Of all the activities, Kevin loves chasing the bubbles (above) and enjoys “ball time” (below left). He’s also getting stronger at hanging on the bars with some help from Mom.  On the balance beam, he hasn’t quite figured out that he needs to look down, at his feet, to be successful!

He has definitely learned a thing or two.  He finally learned how to clap (thanks to this class).  He also puts his hands and head down on the ground, sticks his rear in the air, and waits for someone to pick his legs up and roll him over in a somersault.  He’s very proud of that move!

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  1. rickH says:

    Sooo cute. Can’t wait for this phase with Alessandra.

  2. tasterspoon says:

    Does he have a fauxhawk?

  3. Ace says:

    Is that Sonia Korat playing with Kevin?