Weekend in Carmel

We had a pretty quiet New Years Eve this year, but we certainly made up for it on the 2nd weekend in January.  We packed up the car after Kevin’s Saturday morning nap and headed south to meet up with Heather’s parents in Carmel. They were staying at a relative’s home in Carmel only a few blocks from the beach. To make things even better, the weather was sunny and unusually warm for January (mid 70’s).

After a quick lunch we headed to the beach for the afternoon. It had been about 3 months since Kevin had been to the beach and it took him about 5 minutes to remember how much he enjoyed playing in the sand.

In addition to fun at the beach, we enjoyed strolling Ocean Avenue after dinner. Kevin made a point of checking the door of every store and trying to figure out how to unlock them. At one point a family walked by with two girls about Kevin’s age.  He immediately took notice and attempted to flirt using the only pickup line he knows…..”Ravioli!” …he proceeded to yell in their direction, ravioli numerous times….his grandpa was so proud of him…and a little jealous that he never thought to use his Italian heritage as a pickup line when he was young.

The next morning we had breakfast…but first, Kevin volunteered to help the maintenance guy blow the sidewalks clean outside the restaurant.

After working for his breakfast he enjoyed a huge pancake and even demonstrated his dexterity using a fork.

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