Monthly Archive: August 2009


Cash for Clunkers

After months of talking about buying a new car to replace my old Nissan Pathfinder, I finally got my act together with a lot of low key nudging from Heather.  I wanted something sporty and 4 doors seemed like a requirement to avoid breaking my back trying to put kids in the back seat.  Fitting into the garage with Heather’s monster car was also a challenge. 🙂 After dealing with a number of really low life car salesman we finally found 1 remaining 2009 VW GTI in the Bay Area. I made 3 trips to the DMV getting all the...


Sandman triathlon 2009

This is the 3rd year in a row I’ve done this short, fun race. It’s always a family outing to the beach in Santa Cruz. This year it worked out great because Kevin went to a birthday party on the same beach the day before the race. That night we stayed at our friends beach house which is only a few hundred yards from the start of the race. Being able to stay so close to the race start sounds great, but with Kevin it’s always unpredictable.  Heather and I found out that he has become very use to his...