Cash for Clunkers

The Clunker

The Clunker

The new car!

After months of talking about buying a new car to replace my old Nissan Pathfinder, I finally got my act together with a lot of low key nudging from Heather.  I wanted something sporty and 4 doors seemed like a requirement to avoid breaking my back trying to put kids in the back seat.  Fitting into the garage with Heather’s monster car was also a challenge. 🙂

After dealing with a number of really low life car salesman we finally found 1 remaining 2009 VW GTI in the Bay Area. I made 3 trips to the DMV getting all the paper work necessary for the cash for clunkers deal.  After it was all said and done, I closed the cash for clunkers deal 1 day before the dealership stopped processing any new deals and 3 days before the program ended.  Best of all, I got MY $4500 tax dollars (which I would have never authorized for a cash for clunkers program) back in the form of a new car.

In the photo above, Kevin is about to take it for a test drive!!

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