Monthly Archive: November 2009


Blast from the past.

My parents have been digging through forgotten shelves and ran across several old VHS tapes.  There were many family goodies, but we’ll share this one.  This was me speaking at my high school graduation in 1991.  I wasn’t the valedictorian or the class president or anything official.  The school had try-outs for one 3 minute speech.  Maybe it was my “Lions and tigers and bears, oh my” line that won their hearts?


Kevin helping in the kitchen

Heather was cutting up a watermelon and Kevin HAD to help. Don’t worry, his knife is not sharp at all, and besides he has a bike helmet on for safety. 🙂  His brother Ryan seems oblivious to the goofiness. I’m sure it won’t be long until both of them are trying  to “help” in the kitchen.


Kevin and coffee

Every morning I ask Heather if she wants a cup of coffee and she politely says “no thanks”. I do it because her Dad asked her everyday “coffee Heather?” to which she would reply “no thanks Dad”.  Evidently Kevin has been talking to his Mom, because he has no interest in coffee.