Monthly Archive: December 2009


Annual Clark/Fortunati/Steenhausen Holiday Party

Every year, these three families get together between Christmas and New Years.  This tradition started about 10 years ago, with about 20 people in total.  It gets a little more chaotic each year, as more and more children and spouses are added to the mix.  If every member of every family attended, there’d be over 70 people! In the midst of the chaos, we managed to “pile” all the grandkids on the couch for a picture.  From left to right:  Ryan LeRoy on Taryn Fortunati’s lap, Mae Steenhausen on Sarah Fortunati’s lap, Kevin LeRoy on Paige Fortunati’s lap, Ryan Chadda...


Birthday 400’s

A few of our triathlon friends have birthday workout traditions. They usually start at age 40. There is Chris’s annual Stealthman competition that involves swimming, biking, running and eating lots of donuts.  Yesterday was Eduard’s 3rd annual “birthday 400’s” celebration. This year he is 42, so we ran 42 times 1/4 mile (400m) on the track. Now you’d think there would only be a few crazy people out there willing to join you for that kind of “celebration”. Below are 10 people who knew what they were getting into and all seem to be smiling prior to the start. (left)...


Castle Rock State Park

  This morning Kevin and Dad drove up the mountain to Castle Rock State Park. We decided to go climb on some rocks and do a little hiking.  Kevin brought one of his motorcycles (one with bumpy tires for the mud) in hopes of finding some good mud to play in.  He had a great time climbing, eating snacks and sliding down muddy hills on his bottom.