Annual Clark/Fortunati/Steenhausen Holiday Party

Every year, these three families get together between Christmas and New Years.  This tradition started about 10 years ago, with about 20 people in total.  It gets a little more chaotic each year, as more and more children and spouses are added to the mix.  If every member of every family attended, there’d be over 70 people!

In the midst of the chaos, we managed to “pile” all the grandkids on the couch for a picture.  From left to right:  Ryan LeRoy on Taryn Fortunati’s lap, Mae Steenhausen on Sarah Fortunati’s lap, Kevin LeRoy on Paige Fortunati’s lap, Ryan Chadda on Nathan Chadda’s lap, Lily Steenhausen laying across Jacob Steenhausen’s lap, Alec Fortunati, Ben Chadda. 

A few things to note:

– the Gestures game in the foreground.  We actually played with all these kids – each kid got to pick out their own cards and take a turn. 

– Ben Chadda has one of his Grandma’s shirts on (with a big paperclip holding it together in the back) because he soaked his own shirt with blood from a head-butting accident

– This is the only picture in which Alec Fortunati wasn’t holding his hands over his ears because Lily Steenhausen was screaming so loud

– Ryan LeRoy was mid-diaper change, which explains the nakedness

– Maureen Clark’s house will never be the same!



We have several “outtakes” of this photo.  Funny enough, these are the best ones.  :-)  Ryan Chadda (left) never cried through the whole progression, but he did wonder what the heck was wrong with everyone else!  Lily Steenhausen (center) did not enjoy herself; and in the 3 minutes we spent taking pictures she went from screaming (top picture) to asleep (bottom picture).  Ryan ranged from neutral to unhappy.

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  1. Ace says:

    Jolly ‘ol St. Ryan.