Long weekends and sick kids

Not a great combination when the kids are sick and nobody in the house is getting any sleep.  Despite that, we did manage to accomplish a few things over Valentine’s Day/President’s Day weekend.

On Friday night, Heather and I celebrated 5 years since I asked her to marry me by going out to a really nice dinner at Sent Sovi in Saratoga. Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa for hanging out with the kids while we went out on the town.

Saturday we managed to find some time to snap a few pictures of baby Ryan. He’s growing fast!



Today after another night of little sleep due to lots of coughing and crying, we picked ourselves up and packed up the car for short trip to Villa Montalvo. Dave has lived in CA for over 10 years and never been there, even though he’s driven by 100’s of times.

While Mom and Ryan enjoyed the sun lying on blanket in front of the mansion, Kevin and Dad did a little exploring. Below are a few pictures of Kevin enjoying his trip to the park.

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