Monthly Archive: March 2010


I’m sick of milk!

Ryan loves to eat, but he’s getting tired of milk. He just started rice cereal about a month ago. Tonight we decided to let him munch on a piece of honeydew melon. I think he liked it! 🙂


My first race

This past Sunday morning, Dad and I drove over to Los Gatos to run in my first race.  We loaded up the Ironman Bob stroller as well so that Dad could push me in his race.  As soon as we arrived I realized I hadn’t eaten enough for breakfast to run a 1K “fun” run, so I proceeded to eat almost all my snacks while Dad registered me for the race.  After eating a piece of sourdough break, a cheese stick, 2 packages of Nemo fruit snacks and a granola bar I was ready to race!!! Dad pinned my race...