My first race

This past Sunday morning, Dad and I drove over to Los Gatos to run in my first race.  We loaded up the Ironman Bob stroller as well so that Dad could push me in his race.  As soon as we arrived I realized I hadn’t eaten enough for breakfast to run a 1K “fun” run, so I proceeded to eat almost all my snacks while Dad registered me for the race.  After eating a piece of sourdough break, a cheese stick, 2 packages of Nemo fruit snacks and a granola bar I was ready to race!!!

Dad pinned my race number on my shirt just before the race.

We wandered down to the starting line and I asked Dad to hold my hand for the beginning of the race because there were lots of kids and parents and I wanted to make sure I didn’t lose him in the crowd.  They counted down 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…and we took off chasing everyone else.   I was doing great for about 200 yards and then all those snacks started bouncing in my stomach. I asked Dad if he would carry me for a while.   Dad seemed to be struggling carrying me all that way!   Finally I got down and started running again.  We had lot’s of people cheering along the way.  Finally with 50yds to go I took off towards the finish line. There we lots of people cheering as I crossed the finish line and then someone handed me a ribbon for finishing the race.

After a quick drink of water, I relaxed in my “chariot” admiring my ribbon.

I didn’t have long to bask in my accomplishments before Dad and I took off for his race.  I just enjoyed the scenery and snacked some more while Dad pushed me past lots of people.  At one point he seemed to be struggling and I said words of encouragement “Don’t slow down Daddy!”    Dad did pretty well, we finished 2nd overall in the baby jogger division. 

Finally after we were done racing and Dad was done talking to all his friends we went over the the snack table and grabbed a bagel with cream cheese to take with us to the playground. Then we went over to the playground and I used up my remaining energy sliding and swinging and climbing before it was time to head home and take a nap.   Dad decided he needed a nap as well after our big morning!

My race number and ribbon are now proudly on display in my bedroom!



A Note from Dad:  The day after the race, our triathlon club had a meeting and Kevin and I got a “father and son” award. Here is the recap from the club meeting:

Dave won the Peet’s Performance of the Month prize for his "father-son double" at the Jenny’s Light 5K.  Dave paced his son Kevin through the Kid’s Race, then pushed him in the stroller division of 5K race.  His time was fast enough for 4th in his age group (against guys without strollers) and earned him some free coffee!”

Here is a link to the results

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