April in pictures

April was a busy month.


The month started with Easter weekend.  The family went to church and the boys got to sit on the Easter bunny’s lap. Later we enjoyed family time at Grandma and Grandpa’s house making Easter eggs.

Baby Ryan continues to grow. At almost exactly 6 months he started sitting up. He’s now working on crawling and it won’t be long till he’s got it mastered. He’s very strong. We’ve actually witnessed him ‘planking’ several times, ready to do a pushup! Below he is demonstrating his new sitting skills wearing one of Nanny’s Easter present outfits.

Kevin continues his obsession with power tools. At our last little backyard party he begged me to get his edger out so that he could show everyone how he uses it. Below he’s showing off his edging outfit.

Two days after Daddy’s birthday he celebrated by doing the first triathlon of the season. The entire family came down to watch. 


Of course the most exciting part of the race for Kevin was his very first chance to sit on a real motorcycle. He and Mom talked to a policeman and he let Kevin sit on his motorcycle for more than an hour….he didn’t even remember I was racing he was having so much fun!

The next weekend was our 4th annual Great Race brunch.  We had a great group again this year and everyone enjoyed the race and the great food afterwards. Below are a few pictures from the event.

Before the race.

Heather and Dave at the finish line.

The group running 6 miles back to our house after the race.


Ryan and Kevin have fun at the post race party!

The same weekend as the Great Race party we took some time to do a little “photoshoot” with Ryan. Some of the pictures were used for the comparision photos in the previous post  Here are a few of the other good ones.