Ryan earned his wings (Kevin was the pilot)

We took our first big trip as a family of 4 to visit my parents in Pennsylvania in May. This was Kevin’s 3rd trip to PA. He is such an experienced air traveler that he was qualified to fly the plane (don’t tell TSA!).  We asked the flight attendant if Kevin could see the cockpit in Chicago before we took off and the next thing we knew the co-pilot offered his seat to Kevin!  Ryan was a great traveler on his first flight. He spent most his time making new friends in the plane, eating snacks or sleeping.

Our first day included a visit to Nanny and Papa’s work places.  We started by visiting Nanny at her flower shop. She gave us a quick tour and gave Kevin a red carnation.  Then we were on our way to visit Papa at the hospital where he volunteers.


When we visit PA, we stay with my sister who is very nice to put up with us for 4 days (especially when Ryan wakes up crying at 5AM!)  Kevin and his cousin Roxie had a great time playing guitar that goes along with their video game. Kevin loves guitars!

We timed our trip to PA to coincide with the Mt. Gretna Triathlon, a local, fun race. This is the second year Dave has done the race. This year Heather also raced, doing a relay with Uncle Jeff and niece Roxie. Below left is a picture of the whole family out supporting at the race; below right is the relay team.


Dave competed with the best of them, and ended up with a 1st place Masters finish.

We packed in a lot of activities into the remaining two days of our trip. We took a drive to see Marshall, Nanny’s horse. Ryan got to meet and ride a horse for the first time. Kevin even rode all by himself!! We also got to see all sorts of other fun things on the farm including 6-week old kittens, roosters, and lots of tractors and farm equipment.

After washing off the horse hair, Kevin, Roxie, Uncle Jeff and Dave went to HersheyPark. I told Kevin “when I was a kid, I used to work at HersheyPark”.  [Now, wherever Kevin goes, he says, “when I was a kid, I used to work here!”]

Despite a little rain, Kevin had a great time riding rides with his cousin Roxie. Of course he loved the motorocycles, but I think his favorite ride was the frog hopper….he just couldn’t stop giggling.  He also went for a ride on his first rollercoaster and all he could say at the end was “let’s do that again!”

Kevin’s other cousin Maddie was away at swim camp during most of our visit.  She made up for lost time and played hard with Kevin and Ryan.  Below, she and Kevin are racing scooters down the driveway.  She taught Kevin how to lift one leg and “coast” on the scooter.  It is hard not to think of a dog peeing on a fire hydrant when he does this.

The remainder of the trip was spent hanging out with family. Nanny got a small bike set up with training wheels and Kevin rode it down their backyard hill over and over and over.  Ryan got to spend quality cuddle time with Nanny and Papa.

Below is a picture of 3 generations of LeRoy men. Ryan would have joined us, but he was probably napping during this picture!

Here we are just before heading out to the Philadephia airport for our trip home. Nanny, Papa, Uncle Jim and Aunt Elma Jean all came over to see us off.  We are very much looking forward to another trip back to PA next year.


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