Ryan’s Baptism

On Sunday June 6th we celebrated Ryan’s baptism with the entire Fortunati side of the family. We all got dressed up in our Sunday best and headed to church to meet the rest of the family.  Ryan enjoyed the ceremony more than anyone. He kept that smile (above) the entire time and thoroughly enjoyed being walked around the church to meet everyone after the baptism.


After the ceremony, Kevin learned how to play the church organ and we got the entire family together for a few photos. By this time Ryan was getting tired and hungry but he rallied long enough for one last family photo when we got home (below).

After church, everyone came over to our house for an afternoon of food and fun. It was a hot weekend so we broke out the sprinklers and the kids had a blast running through them.

Later in the afternoon we broke out the chocolate fountain. Unfortunately the guest of honor napped through that entire event, but Kevin certainly ate Ryan’s share and his share of chocolate covered marshmallows.

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