HMB Getaway

 We spent our first night away from the kids in over 8 months. In a word, it was….fantastic!

Ryan is a little stinker and still wanted to be fed between 2 and 4am, so we didn’t have a lot of offers for overnight babysitting. We kicked him of that habit a week ago and begged Grandma and Grandpa to take both Kevin and Ryan off our hands for 24 hours. They willingly agreed. They’re awesome.

Turns out, trying to get hotel reservations anywhere south of Los Gatos during the US Open weekend is either a) impossible or b) prohibitively expensive. So, we ventured north to Half Moon Bay, land of the cold. We stayed in the Cypress Inn Bed & Breakfast and had plenty of amenities to brag about – ocean front room with (tiny) balcony, fireplace, wine and appetizers, big breakfast, and just blocks from a great running/biking trail.

We met some folks from Charlotte and Phoenix during appetizers. The conversation centered around iPhones and children (grandchildren for them). Then we headed off to Miramar Beach Restaurant for some super tasty dinner – the seafood paella was the best ever. We made up outrageous stories about all the other restaurant patrons to entertain ourselves (btw, Dave and I used to do this when we met 15+ years ago, long before the movie “Date Night” showed such activity).

We watched a crazy soul out fishing in the frigid waters at sunset. The hotel rooms were hot, so we slept with the balcony door open and listened to crashing waves. I think we got out of bed at 8am – 2 or 3 hours later than most days. Awesomeness.


To burn off the seafood paella, we went for a 40 minute run along the coast. It was cool and windy, but perfect running weather. To negate that calorie burn, we then ate peach French toast at the hotel with fresh pineapple. Also awesomeness.

We came to Grandma and Grandpa’s house to pick up the kids and found two happy campers. The boys slept, behaved, and ate well. So we’re told.

We highly recommend the Cypress Inn Bed and Breakfast as well as the Miramar Beach Restaurant. It was a great little getaway – nothing to do but relax.