Monthly Archive: September 2010


Keeping up With Ryan

Ever since Ryan started walking last month he has been hard to keep up with. He’s more confident with his walking and running everyday.  He loves to follow his parents and brother around. He’s afraid that he’s missing something and very excited that he can now walk around the house to join the rest of the family. Below are a few clips of the fun we’ve been having in the last few weeks.


Kevin is 3 years old

  (A friend of mine writes a yearly “birthday letter” to her sons, capturing the growth and highlights of the previous year.  Thanks Hava – I’m stealing this idea!)   Dear Kevin, You turned 3. You made it through the “Terrible Twos” basically unscathed (and, honestly, they weren’t so terrible either). You are growing into quite a curious, active, and smart little boy. You went to preschool at the Jewish Community Center for the first time shortly after you turned 2. Your teachers, Wendy and Anastasjia, were charmed by your silliness and impressed by your verbal abilities. You made good...


Unicycles, Motorcycles and Roller Skates

   These 3 pictures pretty much summarize Kevin’s 3rd birthday party. Two weeks ago, we invited a small group of friends over to celebrate Kevin’s birthday. The big surprise was a clown riding a unicycle up the street. The kids were amazed!!! The video clip below captures the highlights from the party and especially the reaction of the kids to the mystery clown guy riding up our street!  Kevin and his friends had an excellent time.