Kevin is 3 years old


(A friend of mine writes a yearly “birthday letter” to her sons, capturing the growth and highlights of the previous year.  Thanks Hava – I’m stealing this idea!)


Dear Kevin,

You turned 3. You made it through the “Terrible Twos” basically unscathed (and, honestly, they weren’t so terrible either). You are growing into quite a curious, active, and smart little boy.

You went to preschool at the Jewish Community Center for the first time shortly after you turned 2. Your teachers, Wendy and Anastasjia, were charmed by your silliness and impressed by your verbal abilities. You made good friends in Ben, Reiley, and Adam. You reached the epitome of goofiness when you were near them. You also taught Mommy and Daddy a few things about Judaism. One night you we had soup for dinner and you started singing “stir it up, nice and hot, get it ready for Shabbat!”

You spoke your first word shortly after your first birthday. For the next two years, you exploded verbally. You speak in complex sentences, using proper tense. You speak loudly and clearly, so even Grandpa can hear you. Dr. Lan said a typical 3 year old should be able to put 2 sentences together and a non-family adult should be able to understand 75% of what he says. Dr. Lan was impressed and excited about how easily you spoke, rattling on about your favorite colors and wanting to be an astronaut. You ask questions like there’s no tomorrow – about how things work, why things are, and how to do things.

Your obsession has moved from lawnmowers to motorcycles (more interesting, certainly, but we hope this obsession passes before you reach driving age!). You can spot a motorcycle from your car seat quicker than Mom or Dad, and can hear them on Saratoga-Sunnyvale from our house. We stop in every parking lot to observe (not touch!) the nearest motorcycle, naming the parts, learning new brands, and wondering if the owner will come soon to “start ‘er up.” You still love trucks, construction vehicles, and all dirty things with wheels too.

You have a wonderful imagination – much more creative than either Mommy or Daddy. You make up funny stories, often about traveling to the beach on a motorcycle (always a green Kawasaki). You love to build elaborate things with blocks, often not knowing what you’re building until it’s finished. You stir dirt, rocks, and weeds in the backyard in a big pot, making “vegetable soup” for the family. You love taking trips to the nearby railroad tracks to throw rocks, stomp in the puddles, and pretend you’re building something with odd pieces of wood.

Daddy is your favorite. He always makes time to answer every question. You and he race your bikes up and down and around the driveway for hours at a time. He taught you about power tools – edgers, lawnmowers, trimmers, power washers. (Although, Mommy taught you about cordless drills and you are a star hole driller!) Daddy affectionately refers to you as “Bing,” only God knows why. But you are two peas in a pod, just alike in so many ways.  You quietly observe everything around you.  Some may think you look serious, or even sad.  But you are just soaking it all in, processing, learning, and storing it away.

You seem to have a soft spot for girls just slightly older than you. You flirt, pat their backs, and come up with all kinds of things to say. They typically like you back. You’ve cornered many a girl on the playground on the tire swing or in the play tunnels. You smile shyly, but are quick to tell them your name and ask for theirs. “I’m Kevin LeRoy from Saratoga. What’s your name?…..What?…..What are you saying?…..I can’t hear you!?!”

You have a plethora of cousins, all girls except for Alec. The attention gets you giddy with excitement, and usually stimulated to the melting point. Mommy and Daddy love getting together with family because you play by your independent self, and we get a break. 🙂 It is good for everyone.

The whole family went to Pennsylvania early this summer and you had a fabulous time. You rode a horse, went on roller-coasters with cousin Roxie at Hershey Park, held a week-old kitten, played hours of Wii guitar, sat in a commercial airline cockpit, and rode Razor scooters with cousin Maddie. You experienced everything and slept well each night. You don’t realize how lucky you are to have four living grandparents and so many aunts, uncles, (and great aunts/uncles) and cousins to love you. The ones far away in PA miss you dearly, but get to hear about all your accomplishments and adventures through emails, videos, and pictures that Daddy sends.

In July, the whole family went to Club Med, in Ixtapa Mexico. It was a wonderful vacation, albeit not terribly relaxing. You played hard in the sand. You and Daddy made castles and dug big deep holes and swam in the warm ocean. You swam like a champ in a shallow pool – giving you an immense amount of water confidence (which you have since lost). You made friends (all girls, of course) and got plenty of attention (you were happy Mommy and Daddy stuck Baby Ryan in the daycare most of the time). You had a rough night at the beginning of the vacation – getting sick in the middle of night and not sleeping at all. But you bounced back quickly, not missing a beat.

The addition of Baby Ryan has turned life upside down for you in many ways. You were the center of our lives, and now you share that center, somewhat reluctantly. You oscillate between being the kind, gentle teacher and the not-so-subtle jealous tormentor. But we do hope that the two of you will become close buddies in all things dirty.

In everything you do, you are a good-natured trooper. You find things to entertain yourself and keep a good attitude. We have high expectations of you, which we know you will exceed (you’ve done so in every way already). You amaze us how adult you can be; and we hope don’t lose that childlike happiness.


Mommy & Daddy

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