Monthly Archive: November 2010


Ryan giving Mom an earful.

Mom has been away on a business trip for almost a week now. Today Ryan (14 months old) got a chance to talk to her on the computer using Skype.  He had A LOT to say about how Dad has been running the house since Mom has been away. Luckily for Dad, Mom couldn’t understand a word he said!! :-)  I’m not sure what he was trying to tell her, but he tried very hard to get his message across and it made for an entertaining video!   I’m not exactly sure what he was complaining to his Mom about....


Nanny and Papa visit CA 2010

This post is 2 months late! We had a terrific visit with my parents at the end of Sept this year. Their trip overlapped Ryan’s first birthday. He didn’t realize how lucky he was to celebrate his birthday with all 4 grandparents. We accomplished quite a bit in the few days Nanny and Papa were here. Dave took off work one day and we all went to the beach in Capitola. It was perfect weather and everyone enjoyed making sand castles and doing serious construction with big yellow sand trucks.   On another trip we took Nanny to see the...


2 wheels and a handle

This post is mainly for my friends interested in the latest water heater technology. We have been researching new water heaters for the past few months. Because both of us are engineers, it has taken us a while to decide on the right next step. Our old water heater is failing in a number of ways, corrosion, fan failing, etc.. It currently consumes an entire room in the basement. Behind the water heater is a Winchester Mystery House staircase which is a remnant of the previous house built on the property. We researched and immediately learned about tankless or “inline”...