Nanny and Papa visit CA 2010

This post is 2 months late! We had a terrific visit with my parents at the end of Sept this year. Their trip overlapped Ryan’s first birthday. He didn’t realize how lucky he was to celebrate his birthday with all 4 grandparents.

We accomplished quite a bit in the few days Nanny and Papa were here. Dave took off work one day and we all went to the beach in Capitola. It was perfect weather and everyone enjoyed making sand castles and doing serious construction with big yellow sand trucks.


On another trip we took Nanny to see the Stanford barn. Kevin and Nanny are standing in front of a statue commemorating the beginning of motion pictures. Leland Stanford made a film of a moving horse as one of the first demonstrations of motion pictures.

Of course we also had to make Kevin and Papa happy by visiting NASA Ames Research center. Kevin received the full attention of a guide who told him all sorts of interesting facts about space and the NASA space program. Kevin showed off his knowledge to the guide by telling him the names of the 3 men on Apollo 11.  He came home more obsessed than ever about being an astronaut.

On Saturday we headed down to the annual Salinas Airshow. Kevin got to sit in a huge C-130 transport, and we watched an F-15 strike eagle and an F-18 hornet do low fly-bys. Way cool!!  And way loud!!

For the rest of the trip, Nanny and Papa enjoyed spending time with their grandsons. They hadn’t seen Ryan since he was 6 months old and he is growing fast!

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  1. Cindy says:


    This is really neat to do. You are so involved with your family what a blessing. I wish you very best of happiness in London.