My first dentist appointment

My parents have been talking about my first dentist appointment for months. We have read the Dora story about her visiting the dentist’s office, we’ve been practicing my brushing and flossing. Finally, today after all the build up, I finally got my chance to visit a real dentist for the first time.

The dentist I went to specializes in kids like me…kids who have never been to the dentist before. I have to say, I was impressed. As soon as we walked in the waiting room I saw lots of toys and kids’ books to read. Dad and I spent about 5 minutes there before someone called my name.  Her name turned out to be Amanda and she walked Dad and I back to a big room with lots of sinks and mirrors. Amanda said she was going to teach me how to brush and to floss. She was very excited about her teaching job. My Dad later said, nobody at his dentist office is nearly that excited about their job!  Anyway, Amanda asked me if I knew how to spit, and I didn’t say anything. When she asked me to spit, I spit like a pro. Amanda and my dad were impressed.  I didn’t tell Dad, but Mom and I have been practicing that for a while.

After the brushing and flossing lesson, I was led  over to a really cool chair that went  up and down. I got my own headphones and on the wall was a big TV playing Toy Story 3. I was really starting to like this dentist experience!

 My movie watching didn’t last long before the dentist showed up. He told me all about the mirror and explorer tools he was going to use to look in my mouth. Then he pressed some buttons and the chair tilted back so he could look in my mouth.



He said I was doing really well for someone my age. He used a lot of big words to describe my teeth and Amanda wrote them all down on the computer. I didn’t really know what he was saying, but he finally said to me that it all looked good.

After he was done cleaning and exploring my teeth it was time for pictures. I had heard about the big camera in the dentists’ office before but this was my first time actually seeing one.






I got this big, heavy apron with a smiley face put on top of me. Then they put a small piece of cardboard in my mouth, pointed the big camera at my face and then went around the corner and pressed a button. I didn’t hear anything, but she promised that they had just taken a picture. Sure enough, a few minutes later she showed me pictures of my teeth on the computer. On the top of the left picture, you can see my adult teeth growing in behind my “baby teeth”. I’m not sure why they are “baby teeth”….I’m NOT a baby anymore!!


Finally, Amanda told me the last step would be the “tooth tickler” and I had my choice of berry or melon flavored toothpaste.  I chose melon!

The only weird part of this whole procedure was the straw that sucked water and spit out of my mouth.  After she was done “tickling” my teeth with the machine, she shot water into my mouth to rinse and then took the straw and sucked it all back out….why couldn’t I just spit it out, I know how to spit you know!!







All done.  The best part of the trip was that I got a balloon and my choice of toy from the dentists own toy box. I chose a red-nosed reindeer mask and gave it to my brother when we got to Grandma and Grandpas’ house.  Here is a picture of Ryan, trying it on.

I’m looking forward to my next dentist visit. I had a great time today.

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