Yearly Archive: 2011


Judge’s Walk

Dad and the boys have a number of after school traditions and I thought it was time to share some of them. My "Mr. Mom" day really starts with the after school pickup. Prior to that, Ryan is napping, the flat is very quiet and Dad is trying to get things done.  At 3PM it’s time to wake Ryan up to accompany me to pick up Kevin at school. Ryan usually oscillates between two different wake up modes;  the first is happy Ryan and he pops up out of his crib and says "go get Kevin?", the second is grumpy...


Isolation Ward 8200

We are taking advantage of living in London – a simple jumping-off point to family holidays all over Europe. This little story summarizes are trip to Rome and a 7 day cruise in the Mediterranean. We are planners. We tend to plan way ahead so there are no surprises. This actually helps with small kids – so when things go wrong, you always have a sippy cup full of water and box of cheese crackers to keep everyone happy. But, we simply didn’t plan for this trip. We booked the cruise on a whim with minimal research. The Virgin Holidays...