London Eye

To celebrate the end of our first week in London, we ventured out for our first family trip to Central London.  We loaded the kids up in the double Bob Jogging Stroller and heading for the tube station. We weren’t sure how many stairs or escalators we would have to navigate with the stroller.  It wasn’t easy navigating the turnstiles, escalators and foot traffic, but we managed just fine.

Our plan was to head south on the Northern Line to the Embankment station and either head right to Big Ben or left to London Bridge. In the end, we chose neither and headed for the London Eye, the most visited tourist attraction in all of Europe. We decide the boys would enjoy that more than a big old clock or a big old bridge! Below, Ryan is walking a bridge across the Thames with a lot of big people.  Note: lots of warm raincoats.

When we arrived at the London Eye, it was approaching lunch time.  Heather, Grandma and I made a plan:  Grandma would entertain the boys with all the street performers, Heather would find everyone lunch and Dad was responsible for purchasing tickets.  We planned on eating our lunch while waiting in the line for the Ferris wheel. That didn’t quite work out since the lady informed us that we couldn’t bring food in the line and we would need to check our double stroller at customer services. No matter,  the line didn’t last long and before we knew it, we were hovering over the city with a terrific view of all the famous landmarks.




Our timing was perfect. As soon as we stepped off the Ferris Wheel, it started to rain. We hurried back across the bridge, as the boys nap time was approaching and they would be melting soon.  We stopped before getting back on the tube for hot chocolate. That was Ryan’s first cup of hot chocolate…and it looks like it won’t be his last, it was a hit.


By the time we got back to our tube stop, the boys were “knackered” and so was Dad from hauling the double stroller up steps. Just as we were about to top the last set of steps pulling the jogger, a woman yelled from the bottom of the steps asking for my assistance. She was about 5’ tall and had a suitcase almost as tall. She asked if I could please help her lift her 80lb suitcase up the steps :-)  I obliged while Heather, Grandma and the boys headed for the lift.

Lessons learned from taking the boys to central London:  3 hours is about their max duration. It would be good to find the handicap enabled stops to use the elevator with the double jogger.  Our double jogger seems to be a one of a kind in London. We received quite a few looks with the boys in their Bob Jogging Stroller.

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