Monthly Archive: February 2011


Exploring London on foot

Today after a fun morning at the RAF Museum with Heather and the boys, we came home, put the boys to bed for a nap. As soon as they were in bed I put on my running stuff and decided to try and run all the way into central London. Below is my route. View Sunday Run in a larger map The run from Hampstead is all down hill to Regents Park. I run down Fitzjohn’s street which is a really nice street with 3 story brick homes much like the ones on our street. On the way down Fitzjohn’s...


London Zoo

This week, the boys and I headed out for another London adventure while Mom slaved away at work. :-)  This time I had some help from the boys’ new nanny, Naomi. It was only her second day with us and I had her run 2 miles with me to the zoo with the double jogger and 2 miles back home. I think she’ll fit in just fine! Below is the route from Hampstead to the Zoo. It’s all downhill from Hampstead. The zoo is in the corner of Regents Park. View London Zoo in a larger map Ryan fell asleep...


RAF Museum

This morning the boys and I ventured out of our flat on a rainy London day to visit the Royal Air Force Museum. I originally found out about the museum on some website showing things for kids to do in London. Kevin started pre-school this week (called nursery here in England) so we chose a day that he wasn’t going to school for our little “fieldtrip”. The trip there was wet! It wasn’t the ideal day for the trip, but someone told us never to wait for the weather to improve in London to do things. :-)  It was a...