RAF Museum

This morning the boys and I ventured out of our flat on a rainy London day to visit the Royal Air Force Museum. I originally found out about the museum on some website showing things for kids to do in London. Kevin started pre-school this week (called nursery here in England) so we chose a day that he wasn’t going to school for our little “fieldtrip”.

The trip there was wet! It wasn’t the ideal day for the trip, but someone told us never to wait for the weather to improve in London to do things. :-)  It was a 10 minute walk to the tube station, a 15 minute tube ride and another 10 minute walk from the tube ride to the museum. I think that’s about the limit with 2 little kids.  I had to carry Ryan and the stroller up and down quite a few stairs at the tube stations. Kevin walked about 1/2 the way and the other half in his new favorite riding spot, the stroller storage compartment under the stroller. He even fell asleep in it on the way home today.

Once we got to the museum the boys had a blast. There were lots of buildings with jets, helicopters, commercial aircraft, etc. After seeing lots of planes and jet engines, we ran to the kids area (see Ryan running to the next building below).

The kids area was just great. They had lots of hands on exhibits for the kids to interact with. Some were as simple as planes and helicopters they could sit in. They also had displays to show how drag, lift, and other aerodynamics principles work. Below, Kevin is showing his brother how to fly a helicopter.


Below Ryan is practicing his “wing walking” while his brother steers the plane.


It was over an hour in travel time roundtrip, but we will definitely go back to the free RAF museum again.  I think we only saw 1/3 of the exhibits in the 2 hours we were there.

A few lasting memories from our fieldtrip:

– The guy who helped me carry the stroller up a flight of stairs in the tube after he had already walked down.

– Kevin and Ryan asleep in the stroller while I pushed them home in a rain storm.

– Kevin asking me “Dad, what are bombs? why do planes have guns?” and Dad having no good answer for a 3 year old.

– Ryan making new friends on the tube and at the museum with his smile.

– Kevin explaining to me how a jet engine works.

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