London Zoo

This week, the boys and I headed out for another London adventure while Mom slaved away at work. :-)  This time I had some help from the boys’ new nanny, Naomi. It was only her second day with us and I had her run 2 miles with me to the zoo with the double jogger and 2 miles back home. I think she’ll fit in just fine!

Below is the route from Hampstead to the Zoo. It’s all downhill from Hampstead. The zoo is in the corner of Regents Park.

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Ryan fell asleep the last few minutes of the stroller ride to the zoo but quickly woke up and was animated when he saw giraffes.  The man loves animals and gets very excited. Below he had an animated back-and-forth with this monkey for about 5 minutes and entertained everyone around him. Finally the monkey’s father came over and dragged his son away as if to say “that’s enough messing around with my son…now go away!” I wish I had a video camera with me.

After checking out snakes, lizards and butterflies we headed to the insect building. Outside, Kevin and Ryan decided they needed to take timeout to climb on the dung beetle statue.

After grabbing a quick lunch we were off to the giraffes and zebras and then headed back up the hill for the boys’ afternoon nap.

Mission accomplished!

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