Exploring London on foot

Today after a fun morning at the RAF Museum with Heather and the boys, we came home, put the boys to bed for a nap. As soon as they were in bed I put on my running stuff and decided to try and run all the way into central London. Below is my route.

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The run from Hampstead is all down hill to Regents Park. I run down Fitzjohn’s street which is a really nice street with 3 story brick homes much like the ones on our street. On the way down Fitzjohn’s you pass by Sigmund Freud’s old house, now a museum. Fitzjohn’s street, like all other streets in has very rough sidewalks made of large stones. They’ve also been patched in a million places, so you always have to watch where you’re running.

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At the bottom of Fitzjohn’s is an area know as Swiss Cottage. I swam a masters workout at this place last week. Only a 1 mile run from our flat.

From Swiss cottage it’s another mile along Avenue Road to Regents Park. Avenue Road is lined with a lot of really nice homes.

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Once at the outskirts of Regents Park, it’s easy to hop on a trail along Regents Canal. It’s kind of fun to run alongside the canal boats. At the end of the trail, just before Little Venice there are a nice set of steps to run up!


The next section was probably the least fun part of the run. A 1 mile section along Edgeware Road to get to Hyde Park. Next time I will try and find an alternate route. Edgeware is just a busy street, with lots of pedestrians and traffic.

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Edgeware Road runs right up to the corner of Hyde Park, at Marble Arch and right near Speaker’s Corner where you are guaranteed to see a few crazies!!

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Speaking of crazies, for all my triathlon friends, I heard about a race called Arch to Arc that starts here at Marble Arch and ends at the Arc de Triomphe. Only 7 people have ever finished the race which consists of an 87 mile run from London to the Dover Coast, swim 22 miles across the English Channel and then 181 mile bike to Paris……sign me up!!! 🙂

From Speakers Corner, it was a 1.5 mile run through Hyde Park and then to Buckingham Palace. Hyde Park is the venue for the upcoming 2012 olympics triathlon

I didn’t stay long at Buckingham Palace, there was a sign outside saying no formal changing of the guard happening today. I turned around and headed back home the same route.

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